Torres: “I cannot crash in any more races”

The Althea BMW Racing rider recalls his first crash of the season at Donington Park

Last Sunday Jordi Torres (Althea BMW Racing Team) crashed out of the race through the famous Foggy Esses at Donington Park, in the first part of Race 2. The entire sequence of the incident was perfectly caught on camera by, positioned in such a crucial part of the circuit.

Occasionally a rider will hit the ground unexpectedly and he will be unable to explain how he crashed, but this is not the case with Torres’ crash. has spoken to Spanish rider to provide us with a full explanation of the dramatic sequence:

“On the sixth lap, Xavi Forés (Barni Racing Team) and Leon Camier (MV Agusta Reparto Corse) were trying to hunt down the riders ahead, leaving me behind. In the previous laps I was already a little bit over the limit and every time I entered the corners aggressively I felt some vibrations in the front, but I felt confident to continue to push.

“As we went onto the fast paced sixth lap, where Forés and Camier decided to pull their pace, I tried to ‘throw the anchor’ and go with them. Arriving at Turn 10, the infamous chicane of Donington Park, I braked hard in the same place as the previous lap. But I didn’t take into account the vibrations from the front of my bike – perhaps because of the desire to stay with the other guys. Once the brake was released and with the first touch of gas, these vibrations continued and the rear brake dragged and jumped to the front wheel, the front brake, and I could not avoid the fall. It was a bit of bad luck that first touch of gas caught me right in with the change of direction of the next corner. ”

“I fell in the middle of the circuit, so throughout the ‘drag’ I was looking back in case a rider was behind me and would hit my body. Once I got up, I made a fuss to alert the other riders and made a couple of moves as if I was dodging a bull and when I saw the gap I ran and I went to safety.

Torres also accurately recalls the crashes he has had in this season and ensures to make the point that his crash in the UK was his first in a race: “It was my third fall of the year. I fell in Jerez in preseason and that broke the chain. I fell in Thailand, where the bike stopped in the Superpole and now this was my first race crash of the year. I would like to match my record for last year’s crashes; in 2016 I fell alone in a race in Lausitzring, so I have already equalled my record. I cannot crash anymore in a race, in training maybe but not in a race! “.

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