At Corse Motorcycles we use the the Dynojet 250i Load Control System that was developed through years of experience with over 6,000 dynamometer installations world wide. The design is easy to operate and provide the function of steady state load control.
Dynojet’s Load Control System uses the latest in Eddy Current Power Absorption technology, which combines with the easy to use software. This allows Corse MC technicians to get repeatable, consistent results. Our years of international race competition experience as well as the latest Dynojet ‘Load Control’ software’ provides us with the ability to control motorcycle fueling at any RPM or speed at any throttle opening. This simply equates to more consistent performance right throughout the rpm range.

A thorough dyno tune on our Dynojet 250I, complemented with an exhaust system and performance air filter and Power Commander (or equivalent) It is not unrealistic to be able to achieve up to 15% increase in peak, mid and bottom end power and torque. While delivering this extra motion in a smooth, linear and predictable way. Whether you ride on the track or the road, you will be faster, more confident know that your engine will deliver its potential for every turn of the throttle. The the frugal types, you can also improve your fuel consumption too!